RheumaMilan 2019

Venerdì 11 Ottobre 2019 Milano

Comparing models of care in different European
countries and learning from each other

Despite being part of the same EULAR family and sharing guidelines, research projects and cohorts of patients, several differences in the management of rheumatic patients across European countries exist. This is mostly related to administrative issues, financial burden and local rules according to regional legislation and circumstances. However, the needs of the patients and the aspirations of the clinicians are same. The aim of this meeting is to explore what we do similarly, what do we do differently and what we can learn from each other in order to improve models of care and implement standards of treatment for rheumatic patients across Europe.

At its first edition, RheuMilan2019 will promote an exchange of views across models of care in Rheumatology of three European countries – specifically Italy, France, United Kingdom – with a special focus on topic areas such as early arthritis, osteoporosis, spondyloarthritis, transition from paediatric to adult rheumatology. Practical management aspects and a number of challenging and clinically relevant issues encountered in daily practice will be addressed.

We believe this meeting will generate discussion and exchange of ideas among experts and participants from different countries on critical aspects and future needs in Rheumatology. This is meant to encourage cooperation on topic research areas, research projects and innovation projects and will hopefully represent the first step to plan further partnership on international research projects. Milan, located at the heart of Europe, with his vibrant atmosphere and its historical vocation to intercultural exchanges, represents the ideal setting to host this event with the aim to share clinical experiences and promote future collaborations.


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